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Our November program was a wonderful presentation and hands-on workshop by Carol Caggiano AIFD with beautiful assorted Spray, Disbud and Santini chrysanthemums provided by Deliflor Chrysanten.

The educational meeting began with IFDA member Dottie Harrigan sharing a historical recap of chrysanthemums position in Asian culture, stating that they have been used for centuries as medicinal remedies, in tea ceremonies, on government emblems, glazed on china, painted in art, and stamped on coins.

“Chrysanthemums have so much to offer … it’s a shame we have gotten so used to them that we have lost our creativity around them.

It’s time to start a new love affair with these versatile flowers.”

Dottie Harrigan

Dottie also introduced our sponsor: Deliflor, by describing the many varieties and forms of chrysanthemums – Spray, Disbudded, and Santini – offered by them for our workshop and stated, “Chrysanthemums have so much to offer … it’s a shame we have gotten so used to them that we have lost our creativity around them. It’s time to start a new love affair with these versatile flowers.

Carol began her program by describing the positive characteristics of chrysanthemums and why we should use them more often … that they are long lasting and bring value to our customers … that they are available in many color ranges … that they offer many sizes, textures, and forms … that they are available year round … that they are generally very cost effective.

And she also share some of the disadvantages of chrysanthemums … that they are not available in popular colors like pink and coral … that they are not graceful … that they are often thought of as old fashioned.

Then Carol presented four finished pieces that reiterated her point of view and showed ways to solve the challenges of designing with chrysanthemums because their benefits far outweigh their disadvantages.

Because chrysanthemums are strong and straight Carol suggested using graceful foliages and other elements to soften the look. Although mums are not available in some of our most often requested colors – like pinks and corals – we can use a base of white chrysanthemums for longevity and cost effectiveness in a design (like the one above she created for us) and then add more desired color with other flowers when necessary.

Carol suggested making monochromatic designs with assorted chrysanthemums in one arrangement (like the vase she styled with a lavender selection here). But not to use the same forms together. Choosing one type of disbud as the “feature flower”, one type of spray almost as the “focal flower”, and one type of santini to work as the “filler flower” all within the same color range makes a textural design where the mums work well together.

Choosing the appropriate container like this decorative ceramic fall color pot (she used for this orange and rust seasonal piece) helps the chrysanthemums stand out, makes the arrangement appear more “weighted” and essentially prove more value.

One of the biggest challenges designers have with chrysanthemums is their own and the consumer’s shortsighted perspective that they are “old fashioned” or “ordinary”. This puts the problem and the solution in the designer’s hands. Carol said, “We need to show chrysanthemums styled in more contemporary arrangements” – like this one that she made with a bowl, a wreath of curly willow, pinecones and yellow disbuds, so our customers develop a new appreciation for them.

Once Carol gave her overview she set the group free to choose one type of Disbud, Spray and Santini chrysanthemum for their own designs. She was on hand to coach designers through their creations and to critique at completion. See some samples of our projects below.

IFDA is especially appreciative for our generous sponsors and instructors who support our efforts in continued education for our members and want to offer special thanks to Potomac Floral Wholesale who brought our Delifor Chrysanten flowers in to us from Colombia.

The Independent Floral Designers Association


To see some of the selections we got to play with visit the Deliflor Image Bank

To get some inspiration on pairing chrysanthemums beyond what we’ve offered here you can download Brochures from the multimedia page of the Deliflor website.

And, for Instructional Design Videos just scroll down from the multimedia page.

The Independent Floral Designers Association

 Samples of our Workshop Projects

The Independent Floral Designers Association

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